Krispy vs Billo

Manual Outreach
Price per video
Direct Response Templates
Templates are available for every funnel stage. If you want, you can build your own from scratch as well.
Simple creative briefing process - emphasis on 'brief'.
You're all on your own here.
Receive multiple takes
Creators can add up to 3 takes per scene.
Only 1 take per scene.
To reiterate: it's all DIY.
2 Way Communication
Directly message your creators through our platform
 No communication between brands and creators.
It's up to you and your brand.
Script Your Videos
Work with an experienced direct response script writer to help create content that converts. $300 value for free.
Provide a few USPs, but rely on creators to do the heavy lifting.
It's up to you and your brand.
Request Revisions
Request up to 2 revisions per scene.
No revisions.
Do this all on your own.
Scene Granularity
Draft your ad scene-by-scene. Drag and drop new scenes in our script editor.
No control of individual scenes.
Once again, you're all on your own.
Creators use our teleprompter app to see what to say and show.
No room for customization.
Read: above.
Export individual scenes
Download full archives, or export individual scenes.
Download full creator content only.
Suffer the wrath of WeTransfer at your own will.
Editing time
The best sound bites are delivered in clips, so you only have to drag and drop scenes to make editing a breeze.
Waste time scrubbing through chunks of content to find clips you actually want to use.
Sweat up a storm in the editing room.
Creative rights usage
Full licensing.
Full licensing.
Negotiate it (say it with us) on your own.

Got questions?
We have got answers

Privacy & Security

How do I import my email address list?
Uploading your mailing lists to SaaSFlow is supereasy. Just create a .txt or .csv file with all the addresses and click on the add member/members option on your dashboard.
How many emails am I allowed to send per month?
No matter what plan you choose, there is no limit to the number of emails you can send out per month.
Do you offer non-profit discounts?
SaaSFlow offers discounts to nonprofit agencies and lists for personal non-commercial usage. You can check out the terms and restrictions for the discount here.


Can I see who reads my email campaigns?
Yes, we offer a read timestamp feature with the standard and pro subscription plans.
Are there any email templates that I can customize?
Yes. Templates are easy ways to pre-format content. SaaSFlow provides built-in templates for you to use and also allows you to create your own templates.
How fast is your email delivery?
We can mail up to 800,000 messages an hour.

Terms & Conditions

What do you do about rejected emails?
We  try to send a message 4 times—one initial send and 3 retries over a 36 hour period. If a mail server reports that an address is permanently non-deliverable, we will only attempt to deliver to it once for that mailing.
Do you have A/B testing for emails?
Yes, you can A/B test with subject lines & preview the entire text before sending your mails out.

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