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10 Creative TikTok Video Ideas for Small Business

July 12, 2022
15 mins

TikTok can seem overwhelming when just getting your small business started, but there’s no need to worry! TikTok provides your small business with limitless opportunities for creating viral content to boost your brand’s visibility.

At Krispy, we’ve done the research for you so that you can focus on what’s important: creating. In this post, we lay out 12 video ideas that have proven successful for small businesses just like yours getting started on TikTok.

Getting to know you

1.) Meet the team

What better way is there to introduce your small business to the public? From the wise words of Michael Scott, "keep it simple stupid" - introduce your employees in their natural environment. This trendy content idea for small business shows allows small businesses to showcase their brand’s personality! Slap on a trending song and try out some of these hashtags to maximize visibility; #smallbuisness, #meettheteam, your #industry, your #product/service.

2.) Day in the life

Make a mini vlog! Bring your audience along with you on a typical day as a small business owner or employee - you don’t even have to show your face. Showcase some of the most important things you do throughout each day. Videos like this do well when the content creator adds in a pain point or roadblock in their day. Show how you resolve menial problems and make a joke of it while you’re at it. Pro tip: just spend the day taking lots of b-roll, put it together at the end of the day, and use the voice over function to walk your audience through each clip. Don’t be scared to let your personality shine through and try out these hashtags; #dayinthelifeofasmallbusinessowner, #smallbiztiktok, #smallbizcheck.

About your company

3.) Your inspiration

What made you want to build your business? Share your story, show your audience why your small business matters, what makes your business stand out against the rest. Customers want to support businesses they identify with! Check out some of these hashtags for inspiration and use them on your own video; #startabusiness, #businessjourney, #businesstiktok.

4.) Package your orders

Similar to the “day in the life” video, take your customers through your standard operating procedures that make your company run. These videos render high levels of engagement for small businesses. These ASMR-focused videos will never go out of style; they go viral consistently as they’re so satisfying to watch and listen to. The customers of many small businesses on will request for their orders to be packaged on TikTok.

5.) Best sellers

Showing off a few of your best selling products or services is a great way to boost your brand’s visibility. Explain why your customers love your products, where your viewers can purchase the products you’re promoting, and thank them for your success. You can also get your audience talking by asking them what their favorite products are in the comments.

For Fun

6.) Things that just make sense

This trend is great for showing off some of your favorite details about your small business. Have fun with this, show aspects of your business that customers wouldn’t expect. You can even use this as an opportunity to show other business owners products or services that help your business run!

7.) Point Of View

POV’s have been around since the dawn of the internet, meaning you will likely find them on most social platforms. Find a song or sound that relates to your POV, or create a short skit. This type of content never goes out of style. Make sure to use hashtags that will boost your videos visibility, this helps videos go viral.

8.) Q&A’s

Q&A’s are a great way for you to connect with your audience. Look through your reviews and social media comments for questions. You could also post a video asking customers for their questions regarding your business.

9.) Launch a new product

Your TikTok page is a great place to tease or announce new products or services. Be sure to provide your audience with a clear CTA regarding where they can purchase your products. Product teasers build hype around your upcoming product launch. By teasing a product, you are proactively boosting awareness of your small business.

10.) Us vs. Them

Compare your product with similar products from competitors. Take this opportunity to point out your lower price point, or how the quality of your product triumphs those of your competitors. Another option is to compare your own products to show your customers which product best suits their needs.

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