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3 Things Every Brand Should be Doing on TikTok

July 12, 2022
7 mins

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is underestimating TikTok— or thinking that the platform is just a passing ship. With the help of TikTok, businesses are able to engage with their audiences like they’ve never done before. Jump on board to find out what your business needs to be doing to reap the benefits many brands have found on TikTok.

Understand the power of User Generated Content

Branded, highly produced videos just don’t perform as well as they used to. Consumers are quick to skip professionally created videos because of how obvious it is to them that they are advertised content. Brands that leverage UGC are able to connect with audiences in a more organic way.

Don’t fall behind

Trends move quickly on TikTok, they may come and go within the span of a few days. Brands posting content using months or weeks old trends do not fair well on TikTok. Audiences will not give outdated, branded content a second of their time. One tactic that can be effective in keeping businesses up to date on trend cycles is recognizing recurring hashtags, sounds, and stylistic choices within any given video. These cues help brands identify trends as they are becoming popular.

Keep a consistent posting schedule

A key function in developing a brands visibility is consistency. Getting started on TikTok, it can be frustrating for brands when they aren’t reaching their anticipated levels of engagement as soon as they expected. A lot of brands end up throwing in the towel prematurely. Businesses should work to figure out what days and times posts leverage the most interaction. Once a brand has established their posting procedures, all they have to do is stay diligent.

Frequent posting can lead to creative burnout for many smaller businesses. Luckily, there are UGC platforms that help businesses and creators mutually benefit one another. Paving the way with creative templates to help brands communicate to their audiences with ease.

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