Organic TikTok Handbook

How To Get Started On TikTok

April 14, 2022
15 min

Intro to TikTok

If you have no idea what to do on TikTok, you’re in the right place. This post is for the person who knows their brand needs to be on TikTok, but may not know how.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • the difference between good TikToks and bad ones
  • why you should utilize trends
  • how to find your niche
  • and much more!

What Works on TikTok

The most important thing people on TikTok value is authenticity. Ditch the fancy-schmancy high production stuff and opt for an iPhone camera. Your viewers want to see your brand interacting on the platform like a normal person and being natural.

TikTokkers have a heightened sense for fakeness, meaning a a glossy, highly produced video will signal as an ‘ad’ to viewers, who will then immediately swipe up away from your ad.

Let go of your fancy cuts, custom colors and fonts, and lean into the platform-specific style of minimal editing.

💡 hint: humor works wonders on TikTok. if you as a brand are able to laugh at yourself or make light of a situation, you’re golden.

Hopping On Trends

Arguably the biggest part of TikTok is the trends and sounds, which often go hand in hand. To interact successfully not only with the platform but your community, your brand needs to jump on relevant trends.

Trends typically have a lifespan of 1-4 weeks, so it’s important to pump out the videos when the trend is hot. otherwise you miss the boat and your content may feel cringey.

Finding trends can be tough, which is why we do it for you! Every week we cycle in new trends that you can easily apply to your niche.

Finding Your Niche

You may have heard TikTokkers say the phrase “find your niche”. this just means, where does your brand fit in to the TikTok landscape, and what about your page makes people want to follow you?

Are you providing education about the industry you’re in? Are you promoting your products and answering questions?

Finding your niche may take some testing of different video formats to see what works, but once you find a successful format, you can iterate and start growing!

💡 How can you provide value to your followers?

Discovering Creators

Your creators are one of the most important parts of your page because they essentially serve as the face of your brand. We recommend having a few recurring faces on your page - this shows cohesion and provides a handful of different perspectives.

Test out a bunch of different creators and see what resonates with your audience and who fits into your niche the best. Look for creators who match the demographic you are trying to reach.

When to Post

When just starting out on TikTok, we recommend posting as much as possible. It feels almost impossible to post 3-5 times a day as some TikTok gurus suggest, but once a week is a good middle ground. Your content should be a mix of trends and more educational, original video.

💡 Always cross-post to Instagram Reels! Use a watermark remover to erase the TikTok logo and launch to Reels.

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