Make videos at home, get free products, and get paid.

Create short video ads for brands you already love,
all without leaving home.
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Perks of being a creator.

Be your own boss and own your creativity with Krispy.
Create ads on your time. You can apply to as many (or as few!) campaigns as you’d like.
Free Products
Network with cool brands and try out products for free. You keep everything the brands send.
Get Paid
Diversify your income and free yourself financially. Creators can make hundreds of dollars a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Krispy.
Why Krispy?
Krispy is the only platform that allows you to script and source your user generated content in one platform. Our unique storyboarding tools developed through extensive research are direct-response driven and proven to convert on all social channels in every stage of the funnel.
How does billing work?
Brands input credit card information at signup. Once you approve your creators’s videos, funds are immediately released into their accounts.
How long will it take to get a video?
Krispy’s content cycle is around 30 days from campaign creation to video approval. You can shorten this time frame by sending products to creators quickly and providing necessary feedback as soon as you receive videos.
How do creators get products?
Brands are responsible for the cost of all products (and shipping) they send to creators.