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UGC Ad Creative Simplified

Higher ROI, less time wasted
Source UGC Video
creators to work with
reduction in editing time
by using our script builder

How Krispy Works

Our 4-step approach to ad creative ensures that you always receive the highest converting creative.

Quality Creative at Scale

Script and source better-performing ads, all in one platform.
creators to work with
reduction in editing time
by using our script builder

Story Board

Krispy’s storyboarding tool is your personal creative strategist to script UGC content that converts.
Dedicated Creative: Work with a hands-on Krispy team member to help you draft your script for the best possible outcome.
Visualize Results: See your storyboard come to life with our script editor.
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Shooting Guide

Creators are guided through your storyboard on what to show and say. This reduces the back and forth and ensures that your video is what you want.
No Guesswork: Your storyboard is translated into a series of scenes the creators will film, so there are no surprises.
Simple Communication: Our communication tool makes it easy for you to speak directly to your creators.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Krispy.
Why Krispy?
Krispy is the only platform that allows you to script and source your user generated content in one platform. Our unique storyboarding tools developed through extensive research are direct-response driven and proven to convert on all social channels in every stage of the funnel.
How does billing work?
Brands input credit card information at signup. Once you approve your creators’s videos, funds are immediately released into their accounts.
How long will it take to get a video?
Krispy’s content cycle is around 30 days from campaign creation to video approval. You can shorten this time frame by sending products to creators quickly and providing necessary feedback as soon as you receive videos.
How do creators get products?
Brands are responsible for the cost of all products (and shipping) they send to creators.

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