6 Reasons Why UGC should be every brand’s secret weapon

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes on Instagram or TikTok, you know that user generated content reigns supreme. It seems as if you can’t scroll two posts without your feed being inundated with real people talking about products they’re trying out.

Why? Because it works. Here are 7 reasons you should be leveraging user generated content if you aren’t already.

1. Authenticity

This is the age of TikTok: the chronically online are used to seeing unedited, authentic content, and can sniff out a fake smile in one upward swipe. So if the rest of their feeds look like this, so do their ads.

2. Increased personalization and access to your target market

Having a variety of creators is great for targeting multiple groups. If you have a product that works for various demographics, you can easily create one ad addressing moms, and another ad addressing younger millennials.

3. Demonstrated use of your product by real people

Build credibility by showing real people using your product. A non UGC ad showing off the product in a studio is less credible than a person trying it out in their own home and showing it in action.

4. Higher click-through rates

A Shopify study recently discovered that ads featuring user generated content had quadruple the CTRs than non UGC ads.

5. More web conversions

The same Shopify study also found that campaigns using user generated content saw 29% higher conversions online than campaigns and websites without.

6.It’s easier than ever with Krispy

Simplify your UGC content, and get more of it with Krispy. Find creators who resonate with your audience and customize your ads, from hook to call to action.

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