6 Steps to Shoot Better UGC Ads

Your brand has decided it’s time to start producing user generated content. Even if it’s just you and your coworkers filming in the office or warehouse, user generated content is accessible and doable for everyone. How do you get started?

1. Shoot with good lighting

The best lighting is always natural lighting. Shoot facing a window or your light source so you’re not backlit. When natural lighting isn’t attainable, try a ring light. Ring lights are inexpensive and are great at lighting faces without being too harsh.

Don’t have a ring light? Use any desk lamp you have, and if it’s too bright, drape a white cloth or paper towel over it to diffuse.

2. Make sure your audio is clear

By now you’ve probably seen many TikTokkers speak closely to their headphone microphones, or use those adorable mini mics. While these are a great option, your phone can still capture great sound.

Ensure you are filming in a quiet, distraction-free area, and try recording yourself a few times to get the sound right.

3. Use a tripod to keep yourself steady

Holding your phone while filming can be annoying and distracting. Use a tripod to steady your camera and free up your hands. Alternatively, prop up your phone using a stack of books - just make sure you’re not muffling the microphone when you stand your phone vertically.

4. Do a few practice runs

If you’re not used to being on camera, filming yourself can be uncomfortable and awkward at first. Record a couple takes with the knowledge that they’ll be drafts, so there’s less pressure. Upon watching them back, take notes and see what sounded and looked good.

5. Be natural, be you

User generated content is all about feeling genuine. Don’t be afraid to show your true personality when filming - nothing is more boring than a robotic, stoic delivery.

Pretend you are on FaceTime with a friend just talking about something you want them to try out. Be personable and friendly.

6. If all else fails, leave it to the experts

If you still don’t feel comfortable shooting your own user generated content, try out Krispy. You can select from hundreds of seasoned UGC rockstars who can do it for you.

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